Best Budget Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets Reviews

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Technology revolving around wearables is now all about ease and comfort. Whether it’s a watch, a shoe, glasses, or even your earphones – modern smart technology has taken it over and somehow made it much more accessible to the user. Well, Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets are no exception. You can now rely on the latest Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets for all your connectivity needs while riding a motorcycle. In this article, we focus on the ins and outs of these devices. Let’s get right to it!

Why would you need a Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets for music?

Gone is the time when you had to stop your motorcycle just to pick up a call or look up something using GPS on your phone. With the latest Motorcycle Intercom Systems, you can save your time by seamlessly connecting your phone to a pair of Bluetooth headsets. You can then carry on your ride without any interruption and stay connected all the time.

Types of Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets

  • Bluetooth Headsets

By far, this is the most widely popular form of Motorcycle Intercom Systems. It’s super easy to connect owing to the proprietary Bluetooth technology. There are no wires involved meaning no hindrance. You can seamlessly stream music or receive a call without any hassle by just tapping a button.

However, it only works for very short distances and is not useful for a large number of riders who might move distant from one another.

  • Wireless Intercoms

Motorcycle intercoms using wireless modules use some sort of field connectivity technology like GMRS, FRS, or FM when communicating.
This type is the most popular variant out there. The waves used are almost the same as the radio waves but on a narrower frequency to produces clearer audio.

  • Wired Earphones

Although quite obsolete, wired earphones are still the most trusted and reliable form of Intercom Systems. There is no possibility of external interference since all devices are connected via physical wires. However, there is a hassle with all the cables running along your body and your bike while you ride. So, it’s not suitable for motorcycles.

Image Product Details  Price
HeadsetWaterproof Motorcycle Bluetooth HeadsetColor: 
Note: provides easy hands-free communications for you while riding.
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HeadsetBluetooth Headset and IntercomColor: Multi
Note: Stay up-to-date with free firmware upgrades
Check Price
HeadsetWaterproof Motorcycle Sports HeadsetColor: black
Note: Waterproof helmet intercom easily install to most motorcyle helmets
Check Price
HeadsetIntercom with Universal Microphone KitColor: Black
Note: Long-range music sharing and intercom for motorcyclists–up to 900 meters
Check Price
HeadsetIntercom Bluetooth Helmet HeadsetColor: black
Note:  noise suppression technology ensures clear voice quality at high speed.
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Best Budget Motorcycle Bluetooth HeadsetsOutdoor Sports Bluetooth Stereo HeadsetColor: black
Note:  Advanced Noise Control technology detects and cuts out background noise
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Best Budget Motorcycle Bluetooth HeadsetsMotorcycle Helmet Bt headset Intercom & RecorderColor: black
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Best Budget Motorcycle Bluetooth HeadsetsMotorcycle Bluetooth Headset and IntercomColor: black
Note:  Bluetooth 3.0 with up to 8 hours of talk time. Charging time: 2.5 hours
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Waterproof Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

  • Best for phone connection for music
  • sound great even with foam earplugs.
  • It’s GREAT at about 50mph or lower.
  • sounds clear, and the unit was easy to install.
  • the limited volume which is not loud enough
  • speakers are really low-quality sound

First of all,  As far as sound quality, it’s GREAT at about 50mph or lower. Highway speeds of 65-80mph it’s not as clear but still good. Again, not expecting to be blown away with sound quality but in general.

Noise cancellation: reviewed in a few areas –
1. Incoming calls – could hardly hear anything, a muffled voice at best. Stopped 4 times and changed the speaker placement – nothing changed. Even with ceramic earplugs.
2. Outgoing calls – great microphone, other parties confirmed that they could hear me loud and clear. Seems like noise cancellation along with the mic works!!
3. Music – normal songs were ok, volume levels seemed limited, any higher was cracking the voices. Road and wind noise could not be managed through the noise cancellation technique.
4. GPS direction – could not hear a word or directions.

So, apart from the microphone; everything else is plain basic.

Bluetooth connectivity – extremely easy to set up but seemed an issue to keep the connection with the phone at higher speeds.

Bluetooth Headset and Intercom

  • Outstanding audio performance up to 200 meters
  • Easy, always optimized operation
  • Stay up-to-date with free firmware upgrades
  • quick response of the device.
  • Can’t use for wase and intercom at same time
  • Only use the intercom with another similar model

Sena is the best

It is pretty good while listening to music or incall. With almost 7 hr in use in music or call. One side appears to protrude a bit causing pain in one of your ear while I was on a ride. I highly recommend this as an alternative to any cheap or Chinese make comm.

Great value for money. it does not make noise in the helmet thanks to its size you can use the voice commands of your phone Siri, Google or Bixby excellent product the only thing that can improve is the size of the speakers are very wide I imagine because there is the battery.

you can’t use for wase and intercom at the same time… it was a disappointment… and sometimes You forgot turned off and It can stay on all night.

Waterproof Motorcycle Sports Headset

  • support maximum of 800m intercom distance
  • Waterproof helmet intercom System
  • easily install to most motorcycle helmets
  • Cable lengths were just perfect
  • Runs around 6 hours continuous
  • Audio quality is not very good for music

They are a great product for the price. Easy to set up and install. The bass isn’t that great. This is a very perfect product. The device is very easy to use, it doesn’t even take 5 minutes to become a pro at how to use it.

What the best:
-The big control knob and buttons are very easy to use, even with bulky gloves
-It definitely gets loud, painfully so. You should have no problem with hearing it
-The mounting mechanism is sturdy but easy to remove for charging
-Cable lengths were just perfect, was able to route cables under helmet lining easily
-The looks are good, pretty neutral, and should look fine on any helmet
-Came with plenty of velcro for mounting the speakers and receiver unit
-The receiver unit feels solid and well made.

Intercom with Universal Microphone Kit

  • Up to 12 hours of talk time and 10 days of standby time on a single charge
  • Includes Universal Microphone Kit
  • Make phone calls with speed dialing
  • Long-range music
  • Little Expensive
  • Sound could be better.

You can call someone from the road and they do not know you are on a bike. Tried this doing 80MPH on a Harley on a windy day. The speakers tuck away nicely in the side of your helmet, and or the most part they are comfortable.
The speakers are very loud. They are so loud in fact, that you can wear earplugs and still turn them up loud enough to hear. This is a huge benefit when riding for 12 hours on a Harley with loud pipes.

Battery life is pretty good. When listening to music loudly (see earplug comment above) the battery will last in the area of 8 hours. Listening to audio-books will last for over 14.

Using in the intercom mode sound quality is great even at 70mph+ although the wind noise does start to become a factor however if you speak loudly you can still be heard. 

Intercom Bluetooth Helmet Headset

  • Best BT Communicators for the money
  • worked great! It’s a little touchy to pair the communicators and get the intercoms to work
  • Easy setup
  • crazy range, quality feel
  • Needs better directions!!!

They worked great! It’s a little touchy to pair the communicators and get the intercoms to work… follow directions carefully and be patient. Once paired… works awesome! Installing on helmets was easy. Holds up to wind (the device and antenna on the outside of your helmet) just fine. Ran these things in temps of 5 to 15 degrees above zero with no issues.

For the price compared to other hi-end comms, this is all you need. Easy setup, crazy range, quality feel, and the sound is not as robust as a JBL but has enough volume and clarity for voice, music, and GPS.

The only complaint is that on occasion the Bluetooth music will cut in and out but this doesn’t happen all the time and I’m not sure exactly why it does it sometimes.

Buying Guide

Before jumping in to buy a Motorcycle Intercom System, there are a few things
you need to consider. We have compiled some basic outlines for you to note while browsing to buy the best device for your ride.

Outdoor Sports Bluetooth Stereo Headset

  • Sweat and waterproof
  •  Prolonged battery life
  •  Easy to use with a considerable working distance
  •  Superior audio quality
  •  Quick charging
  •  The microphone can pull noise if placed in a wrong position
  •  A little bit expensive

With its Bluetooth 3.0 technology, you can both listen to and share music with
complete playback control. The Sena SPH10 can fit easily and securely in any
condition for its suitable design.
The speakers come with a versatile jog dial, allowing you to increase or decrease
the sound volume. Thanks to its noise control technology, it helps you to listen
clearly by cutting background noise.
Not only Sena gear, but it also works well with other headset brands. After a single
charge, it can be used for up to 10 hours of talk time with seven days of standby
You will always get an updated version, as it offers access to free firmware
upgrades for their registered users.
With the Sena SPH10, you can get hands-free operation, voice instructions, and a
great quality sound for incoming and outcoming calls. This one is easy to install
and a perfect product if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option.

Motorcycle Helmet Bt headset Intercom & Recorder

  •  Easy installation to all types of helmets
  •  High-quality battery
  •  Supports wireless operation up to 1000 meters
  •  For six riders
  •  Multifunctional button interface
  •  The video recording quality is not so good

The most impressive part of the FreedConn R1plus headset, it comes with a 1080P
camera with a wide-angle lens so that you can capture any beautiful moments.
Through the Wi-fi function, you can watch the recorded videos or pictures on other
devices. The water-resistant design allows you to use it in every weather condition.
The hands-free operation alleviates hassle while driving. You can simultaneously
control music, answer or reject a call, GPS navigation, audio switching by pressing
a simple button interface.
The Bluetooth intercom requires 2 hours for charging, and even you can use it
while charging, which is safe. This Bluetooth motorcycle headset features voice
dialing, all you need to press the button for 2 seconds to activate the Siri function.
You can use the battery continuously for 10 hours to make phone calls; however,
in an intercom mode, it lasts 7 hours. Overall, this Bluetooth headset is an
affordable and reliable choice for your long-time riding.

Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom

  •  Supports up to 8 hours of talk time
  •  Simple and quick installation
  •  Suitable for most helmets
  •  Four-way intercom conversation advantage
  •  Easy to use with crystal-clear audio quality
  •  Music quality needs to be improved

The Sena SMH10R could be the best option if you’re looking for a long-range
Bluetooth headset. Plus, it comes in a perfect design, which fits safely and firmly
with most helmets.
This gear is made in a universal design, allowing you to connect with other brands
of Bluetooth headsets. For its audio-video remote control profile technology, you
can easily track forward, backward, play, or pause music.
The Sena gear includes voice prompts. So, when you’re riding, you will get a
hands-free operation. On the other hand, you can get the voice prompt for multi-
language options.
Using a simple jog dial, you can conveniently increase or decrease the volume. In
that way, the volume levels can be saved.
This device ensures safety. It alerts you when your battery is in low power mode.
The multitasking audio lets you listen to dual audio sources at a time. Additionally,
while listening to music, you can also pick calls or even have GPS instructions.

Maximum Range & Number of Connections

If you are riding with a large group, you would want a Motorcycle Intercom System with more connectivity options. Usually, intercoms offer connection with 2-5 devices at best. But some devices designed for group riders can connect to 15 devices simultaneously.
Another aspect to look out for is the range of the wireless technology being used. Having a large group will also mean members might spread apart from each other while riding.
So, you would want a GMRS intercom with a maximum range instead of an FRS one.

Audio Quality & Noise Cancellation

Crystal-clear audio is an absolute necessity when communicating with your
peers while driving. Especially in case of using under noisy traffic, you need a Motorcycle Intercom System with Digital Signal Processing and echo cancellation features.

Mono or Stereo Support

This is more of a personal preference rather than a perk. If you prefer listening to music over your headset while cruising,
get stereo-supported dual earphones with good bass and HD speakers. Otherwise, single-set mono earphones are suitable for connectivity and calls.

GPS Function

Check to see if the intercom has built-in GPS modules. That will help you navigate around unknown places with voice prompts. You won’t have to stop and check your smartphone for the map now and then.

Battery Life

It’s pretty unfortunate if your intercom device dies out in the middle of a ride.
You need at least 6-8 hours of active battery life in a good device. Getting a device with a Quick-Charge capability is also a good idea.

Water-resistance & Weatherproofing

It’s quite evident that you’ll be using your intercom even in the rain while riding your bike outside. So, it’s a good idea to get a device that has an excellent waterproof rating.

You can wear them in the rain without having any worries.

Accessibility & Ease-of-use

The most effortless and straightforward devices are the best to use. Built-in
headphones inside your helmet or ones with big push buttons are the best. Motorcycle Intercom Systems with too many bells and whistles might distract you while driving and cause accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bottom Line

Getting Bluetooth Headsets is a matter of one’s choice and requirement. The best devices in the market will cost you around 300$ at the least.

So, it’s a good idea to meticulously judge whether you actually need them before opting to buy one just because it’s trendy.
If you are an avid rider always going on long cruises with your bike, having a Motorcycle Intercom System will save you a lot of time. It’s also good to keep track of the safety and concentration issues when using a Bluetooth headset while driving. Judging by that, choose a Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets that best suits your need and ride along with comfort!