How to choose the right motorcycle helmet? That you must wear

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Motorcycles are one of the most extensively used transports all around the world. Who doesn’t love bikes? It is fascinating to go out for a bike ride on a highway over a river or on the hillside roads. It gives us immense pleasure and, at the same time, refreshes ourselves.

For every kind of transport you ride on, safety is the essential issue to be maintained. For a motorcycle rider, a helmet is the most critical safety equipment for riding. It protects the rider from injuries to his head, eye, and also neck. The Transport safety authorities of different countries have emphasized the use of safety equipment while bike-riding, especially on the use of a good-quality helmet. It is imperative to choose a perfect helmet for you before riding the motorcycle. Below here, you will get to know how to choose the right motorcycle helmet:

How do I choose the right helmet?

Choosing the right helmet for a motorcycle is the most critical task before going for a ride. You can choose the correct helmet for you by following the steps given below:

 Initiate by examining the safety parameters

Not all helmets in the market follow the safety parameters. It would help if you were very careful while choosing your one. It is suggested that you should test a helmet’s safety rating based on the standards set by the British Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Program (SHARP).

Getting the one which fits you well

You may be wondering how to choose the right motorcycle helmet size. It is an essential process while selecting a helmet. For this, you should avoid buying them from an online store. You should go to the shop and put a helmet on. Then you should use it for about an hour, use your phone while putting on the helmet, move your head, and see if there is any complexity or not. If it fits well and gives you comfort, then this is the right pick for you.

Some extra features to look at

You should check some extra features of a helmet before buying it, such as; sound ventilation system, fog prevention, and the capability to fit a Bluetooth unit on the clamp.

What is the most perfect color to choose for a motorcycle helmet?

It is probably one of the most popular debates while choosing the color of a motorcycle helmet. And the reason behind the color is so important is that the road’s visibility is an issue to be covered while riding a motorcycle.

The white color helmet is the most preferred one across the globe on its excellent visibility. Again, this also doesn’t absorb heat from the sun during a scorching summer day. But you should use it carefully as white gets mixed with different things such as snow: cement paint and others.

Which is the better modular or full-face helmet?

Selecting between a modular and full-face helmet depends on the level of comfort you want within it. This comfort level includes the want to experience some open air and protection you want in a helmet.

If you want to talk to others on the roads, the modular helmet should choose as it has the flipping chin bar operation. This will quickly let you speak to others in the streets.

If you want some fresh air while the stoppages in your ride, you should choose to buy a modular helmet as it has got an open face option.

Again, if you want total protection of your head, eyes, and neck in your ride, you have to get a Full-face helmet.

The people who would like to hit the tracks with their bikes should get the full-face helmets since they give total protection even at high speeds.

Finally, if you want to go for long rides or live in a city of massive traffic jams, the full-face helmets are the suitable ones.

What will be the size of your helmet you are going to buy?

This is one of the most vital aspects to be checked while getting yourself a motorcycle helmet. For this, you should go to the helmet store yourself. It would help if you tried out different helmets, and then depending upon the comfortability; you have to choose the right one for you. You should check whether the helmet provides you with a sound air passage system, comfort, and the facility of setting up a Bluetooth unit or not. You should wear the helmet for an hour to be able to know about its user comfort.

What happens if your helmet is too big?

It will never give you comfort while riding if you use a big helmet. It will just move up and down while riding and create a disturbance on the run. It can often injure your head and neck by hitting. Don’t get yourself a way too big helmet.

Is a full-face helmet safer? 

This very question always pops up on the biker’s mind. Full-face helmets are the best ones to give you the utmost protection. Yes, when giving total protection to the riders, the full-face helmets are safer to use. It gives you the most protection while surrounding the head and neck. It is the perfect one to use for long drives and racing competitions. A full-face helmet protects you from the external environment, which can be sudden rain, waste, bugs in the air, and many others.

How safe are flip-up helmets?

The flip-up helmets are the modernized version of the full-face helmets. A flip-up helmet has got latches and hinges. It provides the riders with the scope of enjoying some open-air while some stoppages are on the run. It also helps a rider to talk with others on the road by flipping up the chin bar. It is a safe helmet to use. But it cannot provide total protection to its users. The users of this helmet should be cautious during the ride.



Smart Communications Helmet 

  • Best for Communication
  • Better Then Expected
  • The sound, the connectivity to the phone is faultless
  • Great helmet with awesome features!
  • Best for Those guys who actually race their bikes!!!
  • Little Expensive

The R1 is a blend of technology and traditional construct, integrating built-in speakers and a mic into a cycling helmet. Sleek, comfortable, and modern. If you want to enjoy the ambiance of your music and the clarity of your surrounding environment. then you should check this. The helmet runs small. The large barely get it for your hat size 7 1/2. The band can be dialed down much smaller. It will come to you with a helmet pouch so what are you looking for?

do I have to touch the button each time you want to speak?

When you first start a ride with someone else you sync the intercoms. From that point on you are both connected and can talk to each other without having to press any buttons. If one or both of you wants to listen to your music via your phone, you press a button and disconnect the intercom feature. When one of you wants to talk again you just push the button once to interrupt the music and talk to one another. Both of you don’t have to push the button, just one rider can start the conversation and interrupt the other’s music.

Smart Helmet for Music and Phone Calls

  • Bluetooth and remote work very well
  • The sound quality is awesome
  • The fit system is well designed
  • The technology and features are outstanding!
  • Little Expensive

Why You should buy This product

the primary reason for purchasing this is to be able to listen to some tunes while riding without having to sacrifice safety because my ears are not blocked by these. Being able to answer calls is just a bonus. This Helmet permits me to actually make the most of my tunes without irritating others – riders or something else. No issues with the distant or connecting with the application on my end.

Chin strap is soft simulated leather which makes a huge difference when wearing, much to my surprise. The rear LED light is bright and crisp (blink and SOS), inspires some confidence when wearing it on the road. Nice fit and well built. the bone sound tech really is very impressive and solved my issue My AirPods when biking.

Smart Cycling Helmet with Ear Opening Sound System

  • Weight 0.3 Kilograms
  • Premium EPS impact foam
  • The helmet is certified within the US, EU, and AU/NZ
  • Rain, water, and sweat resistant
  • doesn’t support walkie talkie feature.
  • Too heavy the sound system

You should buy this BECAUSE

The quality of this helmet is beyond than expectations. the sound quality, song sounded very nice, phone call sound was great for both sides of the call. You should check at least one time. It great to have the LED signal and hear some tunes while being fully aware of what’s going on around You.

But the headphones could be a little louder. The helmet is made oval. If your head is more on the round side it might be a problem to fit in the beginning. After a month it is more comfortable. The ‘dial’ fit adjustment worked well and the helmet fit well; but as the ears don’t work for you, it’s going back.

Helmet with ‘Flying Tiger'(Flat Black, Large)

  • Five-button snap system
  • 3 snap peak included
  • DOT approved
  • Interior is soft leather
  • Fits great and is comfortable
  • poor shipping procedures

Excellent fit and finish! Seems to be made out of decent quality material, it is very lightweight, and for the most part comfortable. The quality appears to be very good and the finish of the dull black is excellent including the black flag. The Interior is soft leather and the earpieces snap in and out easily. Very nice outer shell with its classic WW2 design on it nicely located. Right out of the box You notice how firm, strong, and solid it felt. The piece of mind for a 3/4 helmet is nice. This helmet fits great and is lightweight. 

It is however a 3/4 helmet which means your chin and face area are exposed the most. But that’s the risk you take when purchasing this model of helmet.  The XL fits absolutely perfect for those head shape is long and oval. Very comfortable, even at 95° and above.

Great price and excellent helmet.

Very good helmet with a spectacular design and graphics, a little tight at first Elocon Bilas pads go loosening, overall Torc is a very good helmet and with this T50 looked off.

Familiar Words

How tight should a helmet feel?

It would help if you did not always think about fashion within the use of a helmet. It is essential to feel the utmost ease while using a helmet. It should neither be very tight nor be a loose one. It should be the perfect one for your head-size. A helmet should provide its riders with a fair and comfortable feel to use his phone and get an excellent head-room to fit well for you. 

How to know if the helmet I bought is a very small one?

Don’t you feel disgusted and exhausted to fit in a small t-shirt someone has gifted to you? Indeed, you feel total discomfort. When it comes to buying a helmet for a motorcycle, it is vital to choose the helmet’s right side, which can fit you well.

If you see that you are feeling pain in your head while moving it and the Bluetooth unit cannot be properly set up, you can be sure that your helmet is too small. Small helmets are very painful in using, and you should look to buy a perfect sized helmet.

Parting words

Helmets are one of the essential safety equipment for motorcycle riding. For every biker and motorcycle owner, it is crucial to learn how to choose the right motorcycle helmet. Hopefully, this article may be able to give you all the answers that you are overthinking before. Now, use the aforementioned tactics & choose the perfect one for yourself to ensure safe riding.

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