Ear Buds Vs Headphones Hearing Loss | Know Everything

Ear Buds Vs Headphones Hearing Loss | Know Everything

Whether it’s jamming out the favorite music or attending online meetings and classes, the majority of us spent a vital part of our daily lives using earbuds or headphones.

The sound waves transmitting from these audio devices can damage the essential organ of hearing and cause hearing loss.
So, a few questions can arise like- how to prevent hearing loss from headphones and earbuds? Which one is safer among earbuds vs headphones for hearing loss?

Although there are no accurate statistical reports on which devices are better, hearing loss risks are associated more or less with both earbuds and headphones. Reasonable precaution and carefulness can protect our ears from hearing loss.

Earbuds Vs Headphones Hearing Loss

What is Earbuds?

A widely used audio device among both the younger and older generation is earbuds. It is a listening device worn inside the ear. It conveys sound openly into the ear canal.

Earbuds are trouble-free to bear around. We can hear a rich, high-quality sound at a very reasonable price. It is also more accessible to everyone. Nowadays, it comes in both wired and wireless forms.

What is Headphone?

It is a couple of earphones connected with a band that is designed to wear over the head. Headphones rose to fame and became a sensation back in the late 80s. It provides a phenomenal listening experience by eliminating the surrounding noise.

Differences: Earbuds vs Headphones

Even though both of these listening devices, earbuds vs headphones, can cause hearing loss, there are some prime differences between them. Let us look into the differences below:


Earbuds: Earbuds are lightweight and simple to use. The traditional wired earbuds have been in fame for a long time. Recently, wireless earbuds took over the market for its versatile functions.
The wireless earbuds come with two small buds with a battery in each. It gained popularity for its modern and stylish appearance.

Headphones: It is a pair of speakers connected by a band that remains around the head. Headphones are more comfortable and attractive. The earpiece comes in a sleek, rounded design and provides an upscale and premium look.


Earbuds: You can set it up with various functions very simple and use easily. For the size, it is very useful and can carry approximately easily. They provide a noise cancellation facility and excellent sound quality. They come with a durable battery of up to 5 hours.
Headphones: Headphones are known for their premium quality sound by eliminating the noise from the outside environment. It is equipped with a quick chargeable battery, and the battery can last up to as long as 30 hours. It provides listeners with a pleasant listening experience.

Usage In Daily Lives:

Earbuds: Earbuds are multifunctional. It has a wide range of uses, starting from listening to your favorite music or podcast, attending online classes and meetings, or canceling public places’ noise. As it is easily portable, it is used during workout sessions.
Headphones: Headphones are a great option if you want to enjoy high and premium sound, be it music or other professional works. You can utilize it for gaming idea and call agency.

Effect On Our Hearing:

The capacity of the human ear to safely receive sound is 70 decibels. Sounds above 85 decibels are unsafe and lead to hearing damage. Both earbuds and headphones can reach up to this level.
Ear buds:
The earbuds are positioned in closer contact with the ear canal; hence there is a possibility of higher risk in our hearing. As there is no barrier between the earbuds and the eardrums, the sound wave is directly transmitted into the ear. Earbuds move the earwax further into the ear canal, which may barricade and cause impaired hearing.

Most earbuds are low in quality and thus fail in providing efficient noise cancellation. As a result, the user may increase the volume to an unsafe level and cause further damage.
One of the benefits of headphones is the bumper gap between the speaker and the ear canal. It prevents the direct contact of a sound wave with the ear canal, which makes it safer. Headphones are more efficient in canceling background noises in comparison to earbuds. So, there is no need to increase the sound level unnecessarily to dangerous levels.

Pros and Cons: Ear buds vs Headphones

Please take a look at the positives and drawbacks of both of them below:

Positives OF Ear buds

  • Handy, portable, and lightweight.
  • Easy accessibility.
  • Cheaper in price.
  • Wireless ones give a modern and sleek appearance.
  • An excellent option for working out

Drawbacks OF Ear buds

  • Battery life is less and lasts up to 5 hours.
  • The wired earbuds get tangled easily.
  • The wireless ones get lost easily because of its small size.
  • It fails in eliminating noise virtually.

Positives OF Headphones

  • Better, ambient sound quality.
  • Looks more premium and deluxe.
  • Noise cancellation is more effective.
  • Suitable for professional use and gaming purpose.
  • It is a safer option.

Drawbacks OF Headphones

  • Bulky, heavier, and challenging to carry around
  • Expensive and not easily accessible by many
  • Prolonged use of headphones causes sweating around the area in contact with it.

Remove: Earbuds VS headphones Hearing loss

It is impossible to stop using earbuds or headphones or whatsoever in the Net world. What we can do regarding these is, follow some measures to eliminate hearing loss.

Lower the volume of your device

Always try to keep the volume of your device in control; that is, to an extent, it is audible but not too high.

Keep away from loud noises.

Sound over 85 decibels is harmful to our ears, so we should avoid places where there are excessive noises like traffics and concerts.

Use noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones help in omitting the background noise by inverse waves.

Take a break while listening.
Prolonged disclosure to noisy sounds may affect lasting hearing damage. After every one hour of usage, a 5-10 minute break can be taken.

Headphones over earbuds
Though earbuds are handy and portable, it is recommended to use headphones, as it is less likely to cause damage.

Follow the warning signs.
Most of the listening devices give warning signs when sounds are increased to an unsafe level. We frequently lean to pay no heed to the warning signs. We should be careful and follow the warning signs.

The concept of the 60/60 rule
The famous concept of 60/60 says that the device’s volume should be 60 percent of the maximum importance for 60 minutes. And it is recommended to take a break after one hour of usage.
By following these measures, we can expect to keep our vital organs of hearing safe.

Wrap Up

What would be a smarter decision among earbuds vs headphones on hearing loss? From the above discussion, we can tell headphones are more convenient and safer. Be it headphones or earbuds, and we should stay away from prolonged disclosure to noisy sounds. We should try to be more sensible and make smart use of the audio devices.

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