Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking open face or half-shell

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Whether you’re cruising around cross-country along the roads or trekking on an adventurous camping trip on the mountains, you’ll most definitely be needing safety equipment.

Otherwise, you would be running into a risk of injuring yourself if you somehow crash. Besides ensuring the strictest safety protocols, the Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking must also ensure that the rider gets a comfortable fit and adequate ventilation. An ill-designed helmet with no aerodynamic features will ruin your
entire biking experience, nonetheless. So, here we look at three of the Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking. Let’s go!

Image Product Details  Price
HelmetGiro Montaro MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling HelmetColor: Matte Black Hypnotic
Note: Removable and fully adjustable visor
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Helmet for Road and Mountain BikingPOC Octal Helmet for Road BikingColor: Garminum Blue
Note: Adjustable straps to fit any head size
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71GQxdz6tFL._AC_SL1500_Bell Sixer MIPS Adult Mountain Bike HelmetColor: Matte/Gloss Green/Infrared
Note: Certified by CE EN1078
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best helmet for mountain bikingMTB Bike Cycling HelmetColor: 
Matte Purple

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best helmet for mountain bikingMIPS MTB HelmetColor: Matte Black
Note: VaporFit adjustable fit system
Visor: integrated visor
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mips mountain bike helmetMips mountain bike helmetColor: Matte Black
Note: MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System
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Bike helmets come in a wide range of shapes, fits, designs, and builds. And to be honest, not all of them are fit for every ordeal. Each particular activity that you would perform while on your bike demands a distinct set of requirements. Hence, bike helmets are mainly categorized into various classes based on your riding terrain. The basic types are – Cross Country Helmets, Mountain Helmets, and Downhill Helmets.

Giro Montaro MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet

  • Internal ventilation channels with 16 wind tunnels
  • Removable and fully adjustable visor
  • some incorrect responses

The market leaders in bike helmets, Giro, offer this multidimensional MIPS helmet as one of their top-shelf contenders. With a reasonable price tag, the helmet is widely compatible with almost all head sizes and can withstand impacts, whether in roads or mountains alike. Giro even offers a company certification of safety from their in-house helmet testing lab.

The rugged external shell is molded out of polycarbonate hardbody materials that can withstand the strongest of impacts. Additionally, the internal EPS lining backs up this claim in terms of comfort.

POC Octal Helmet for Road Biking

  • CoolBest temperature regulation technology
  •  Adjustable straps to fit any head size
  • Gorgeous helmet, comfortable, super light
  • lose the shade of loud pink

From the widely popular manufacturers at POC, this helmet for biking is an all-rounder when it comes to performance. The design is unisex, meaning anyone can pick it up without worrying about the fit. The ventilation of the setup is entirely satisfactory as well.
Design & Quality:
With a unitary fully wrapped shell construction on the outside and highly optimized EPS lining on the inside, you don’t have to worry about impacts to your head anymore. The helmet is utterly perfect for everyday use due to its generous ventilation vents. The additional CoolBest padding keeps your head cool even when riding under direct sunlight.

Bell Sixer MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

  • Four Brow ports with 26 ventilation vents
  • Certified by CE EN1078
  • Integrated camera mount and four-way visor
  • the little round screw that holds the visor in place had fallen out at some point.

With the signature Multi-directional Impact Protection System technology, this bike helmet aims to provide maximum protection from impacts while also being
comfortable enough to wear. The fit is adjustable in a three-way direction – height, width, and tension.

Design & Quality:
Although made with extremely durable and sturdy polycarbonate materials, this helmet is lined with EPS foam to ensure a lightweight build. The woven inner material is made of real silver fibers to diminish bacterial growth and prevent foul odors.

MTB Bike Cycling Helmet

  • adjustable to the moon
  • it has MIPS
  • it adjusted easily to fit
  • Comfortable Helmet…
  • size Keep it mind

Perfect helmet for the active kid! It fits excellent just like a mountain bike helmet with full coverage around the base of the head. Make sure you read the description and the size measurements. Even check the Giro website to ensure the measurements are right for you. This helmet is adjustable via the turn dial in the back and can easily adjust to fit snugly. The description states it is a women’s helmet but it’s a Universal Youth. Read the measurements and measure your head to ensure fit. If you don’t have a flexible tape measure use ribbon, yarn, or a shoelace to get the size and lay against a flat measuring tape. Excellent heat ventilation! A must for the hot, humid climate we live in.
Really lightweight!
Super bright neon green (he loved the saturated color) and it is definitely eye-catching = safety.
Now, this is much happier wearing the helmet. This is crucial because it isn’t any good if they aren’t wearing it.


  • VaporFit adjustable fit system
  • integrated visor
  • Fits great and not painful!
  • good protection
  • Nice quality and features
  • With long hair it gets wrapped around something inside

It’s a brilliant helmet for price. Very good value for a MIPS helmet. Good quality and great fitting. It is a helmet that protects the nape area well. Carry the mips system. Very ventilated Good fit with the dial. To mention something to improve the visor can not be adjusted, and in the position it brings forces you to extend the neck. At the price of 65 euros he considers it a very good purchase.

Overall the helmet is very comfortable, but the front of the helmet sits so far down your forehead your line of sight is skewed/partially blocked. Use this helmet for both road and mountain biking. When hitting trails looking ahead is incredibly important.

Mips mountain bike helmet

  • Perfect Fit
  • Fits like a glove. Very pleased. It’s a Bell.
  • More protection
  • Very comfortable, and somehow it channels sweat away from your face
  • Weird visor.

Upon unboxing, it was immediately apparent that the visor and the adjustment mechanism is a slightly darker red than the rest of the helmet – a different material, a different finish than the rest of the helmet. The difference in color is easily overlooked, but the visor placement is a little unusual – it’s also permanently mounted.

it’s an attractive helmet with bold, rich color, but it’s a little expensive for not having a removable/adjustable visor that is permanently mounted unusually high and does not even block the sun. This helmet fits perfectly and has ample adjustment for smaller and larger heads. The helmet features the MIPS system which is extra protection in the event of a crash.

It’s best for regular day-to-day usage as well.  strongly recommend this helmet.

Once again this is a great helmet from Bell. Very comfortable, and somehow it channels sweat away from your face.

Cross Country or Road Bike Helmets

When you plan on cruising along the roads while trailing cross-country terrains on your bike, you would want the minimum extra load on your head. The landscape would be somewhat flat without any major bumps or sketches. You would like to prioritize a smooth aerodynamic design that would give you a seamless feathery feeling as you speedily cut through the wind. That’s precisely what XC bike helmet manufacturers have in mind. These helmets
for biking give you the utmost protection by covering a large amount of headspace while still being lightweight and easy on the skull.

All-Mountain Bike Helmets

The bike helmet requirements radically shift when you want to use it on a trekking ride over the mountains. The terrain is rocky with unusual bumps, and you need extra coverage to provide additional protection around the back, sides, and temples of your head in the event of a crash. Furthermore, it can’t be too restrictive to obstruct air flow to your skull because that will make it uncomfortable to wear.
All-mountain bike helmets are lightweight yet sturdy enough to give you those features. Some models offer cool additions like visors to protect your eyes too.

Downhill Bike Helmets

When you plan on racing downhill along a rough terrain or bumpy tracks, you’re in for a world of adventure. Not only does it give you the thrill of extreme sports, but it also runs you the risk of brutal accidents. You would need maximum
protection from the helmet while riding downhill.
Downhill bike helmets offer an uncomfortable amount of head-space coverage with full-face protection. Some models even offer additional chin guards.

However, note that these bike helmets are specialized for enduro events and not suitable for daily use. They’ll turn your head into a sauna since there is practically
zero ventilation due to packing enough safety measures.

Buying Guide

While almost all good-quality helmets offer distinct styles and attractive looks along with a certain level of protection criteria, the Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking needs to be standardized with the best features as well. Let’s see what quality you need to look for when buying a bike helmet.

Safety Certification

It goes without saying that any good bike helmet should be following either EN1078 European Standard or be certified by CPSC in the US. This almost covers all grounds in case of safety measures and resistance to impact. Although this affects the price tag to a certain extent, it’s way more reliable than the independent testing standards that some cheap bike helmets offer.

If you want an added layer of security, you could opt for helmets having rotational liners or coatings made of WaveCrel. Those are yet to be standardized but are quite useful for securing your head.


Traditionally, the skeleton of all bike helmets is made from expanded polystyrene foam or EPS. The outer shell sometimes contains polycarbonate or carbon fibers.
While both the materials are equally sturdy and composite, it just comes down to a matter of comfort and choice. You can choose either and get a long-lasting performance from your bike helmet.

On the flip-side, some innovative manufacturers have started using modern designs and materials like 3D-printed Polyamide 11 in their helmets for biking. However, they are still not popular enough to be judged.

Shape & Fit
Based on the structure of your skull, manufacturers design helmets of varied sizes and shapes. So, it’s best to try them on and see if it sits snuggly on top of your head without actually falling off. Two things that ensure a snug fit is the straps and retention systems. The straps
should align perfectly with your jawline and chin to not feel any pressure on your ears. The retention systems are there to adjust the strap length for a more
comfortable fit. The most widely popular variants are Giro’s Roc Loc 5 and Kask’s Octo Fit in helmets for biking.

Bottom Line
With so many contenders out there in the market, choosing the Best Helmet for
Road and Mountain Biking can be quite an ordeal. You have to be meticulous
enough to decide your exact requirements in a bike helmet. We hope our article
here helps you as a guide along the whole selection process. Happy biking!

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